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Kevin has been working with craft growers and patients in the cannabis industry since 2001 when medical cannabis became legal in Canada.

With a strong background in business management and finance (specifically agency, liability trading and investment banking)he continues to raise funds for private placements and consults on various small to mid size projects internationally.

In 2008, after becoming a victim of a hit and run accident, Kevin set out to educate himself on options to treat and manage the chronic pain condition he developed following the accident. What he found was a significant lack of understanding and numerous impediments to access the right physicians for diagnosis and the development of a comprehensive treatment plan.   Over time Kevin has successfully managed to reduce and eventually eliminate the usage of prescribed opioids for his conditions by including medical cannabis with other aspects of his treatment plan

Since that time he has conferred and consulted hundreds of individuals connected to the world of pain management and cannabis spanning from other patients, their families & friends, medical practitioners, cannabis companies, pharmaceutical industry representatives, legal professionals and members of law enforcement.

He is also proud to have consulted the Canadian Federal Government, several Provinces and many Municipalities within Canada advising on regulation and dignified access to treatment, including coauthoring a medical/legal report on the “Pain Epidemic in Canada and how Cannabis fits in your Treatment Plan”.

Kevin currently works with companies involved in Healthcare, pain management and cannabis including cultivators, energy management, greenhouse optimization, horticulture and seed genetics, physicians, Healthcare clinics, medical intakes including privacy issues, education, security, and other concerns of patients using cannabis as part of a multi-faceted pain management program.

Kevin currently serves as COO of International Cannabis Solutions and Executive Director of Chronic Pain Toronto.

Board Member and US. Medical Director

As a Chiropractor, Allen specialized in Sports & Industrial Medicine. Dr. Miller spent 10 years on the Track & Field Circuit in the US, Africa, and Europe treating elite athletes. Dr. Miller was the Chiropractor for (PRCA)Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association Sanctioned Rodeo's and the preferred Chiropractor for the (NFL)  National Football Players Association. His career culminated when he was invited to be a team doctor for several nations at the Olympic Games in 1992 and 1996. Dr. Miller spent 10 years in Africa working with the Olympic Track and Field teams of Nigeria, Ethiopia, Ghana, and many others. Following this experience, Dr. Miller was recruited as an expert advisor on Biokinetic and Human Performance Optimization by Carnegie Mellon University for their driverless truck and drone program.  For the last 20 years, Dr. Miller is forensic injury and soft tissue trauma specialist for several large corporations and worker's compensation insurance companies. Dr. Miller is a recognized court approved expert in 14 states. 
Dr. Miller is now President of Autogenic Industrial Solutions and Doctors Cannabis Consulting as Worker’s Compensation cost containment, pain management & Cannabis Expert. Dr. Miller has been approved by several workers compensation insurance companies to implement Cannabinoids (CBD) treating injured workers with chronic pain and opioid addiction.  

Dr. Miller is a noted speaker and published author

Hance Clarke, Director Pain Services at Toronto General Hospital

Hance Clarke, Director Pain Services at Toronto General Hospital

Hance Clarke is the Director of Pain Services at the Toronto General Hospital, University Health Network. He is also a staff anesthesiologist at the University Health Network and is the Medical Director of the Pain Research Unit at the Toronto General Hospital. After my MD and anesthesia subspecialty training in Toronto, I completed a PhD in the Royal College Clinical Investigator Program at the Institute of Medical Science, University of Toronto. As a clinician scientist, my research interests include evaluating the efficacy of preventive analgesia, identifying novel acute pain treatments following major surgery, identifying the factors involved in the transition of acute postsurgical pain to chronic pain, studying the genetics of acute and chronic pain after surgery, and identifying risk factors associated with continued opioid use and poor health related quality of life after major surgery. He recently helped to develop the Rouge Valley Hyperbaric Medical Centre and has begun to study outcomes related to the use of Hyperbaric Medicine. He was recently awarded the Canadian Pain Society Early Career Research Award. Dr. Clarke was recognized nationally for his research productivity and funding to date, as well as improvements to patient care such as the development of his novel Transitional Pain Program..