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International Legalization of Cannabis

Medical Education

Dynamic, accredited curriculums for healthcare professionals. (Physicians, Pharmacists, Nurses, Allied Health Care Workers)

Public Awareness Education

Cannabis/cannabinoids Public education programs, Teen prevention strategies, Driving under the influence, etc

Cannabis in the work place

Will you be ready for legalization? Full Legal and Human Resources Programs and Consultancy for Employers.

Legal Education

Law Enforcement, Government Security Agencies, Federal Transportation (Airports)

Patient Education

Licensed Producers' customer service representatives, and educator's, Community medicine educators, Public forums

Cannabis in Healthcare

Federal Governments Task Force Recommendations

Let ICS help your business follow the Federal Governments Task Force Recommendations.

What can ICS do for you?

"We have recognized that education is and will continue to be paramount in risk management and success, in helping stakeholders in both cannabis and healthcare, specifically with pain management and responsible use of cannabis. Our international elite team with over 150 years' experience in education, pain management, pharmacology and more specifically, cannabinoids, is uniquely positioned to address the Federal Government's Cannabis Task Force recommendations and needs analysis. We look forward to working with all levels of government on this initiative!

Kevin Hall

Matija Krunic

Rod Colón

Hilda Gan, MHSc, CHRL

Dr. Ira Price MD, FRCPC

Dr. Joseph Rosado, MD, MBA