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With a “Patient First Approach,” establish international recognition as the Elite Choice for global business solutions in the Cannabis and Healthcare Industries.

Dynamic, accredited curriculums for healthcare professionals. (Physicians, Pharmacists, Nurses, Allied Health Care Workers)

Cannabis/cannabinoids Public education programs, Teen prevention strategies, Driving under the influence, etc

Will you be ready for legalization? Full Legal and Human Resources Programs and Consultancy for Employers.

Licensed Producers' customer service representatives, and educator's, Community medicine educators, Public forums

ICS Customized Services for Licensed Producers

International Cannabis Solutions (ICS) is a globally recognized firm located in Toronto providing expert business solutions in Cannabis and Healthcare.

Our mission is international recognition as the “Elite Choice for global business solutions in the Cannabis and Healthcare Industries, with a Patient First Approach.

At ICS, we do not work in the dark or through speculation.  We have conducted thorough national environmental scans and needs analyses, and coupled with our longstanding cannabis/cannabinoid experience, we have determined that education across all stakeholder groups is crucial.

Educational programming is a mainstay at ICS, providing a foundation for responsible cannabinoid use, risk management strategies and medical success, in helping a variety of stakeholders, including those who require pain management.

Our international, elite team with over 150 years’ combined experience in education, pain management, pharmacology and more specifically Cannabinoids, is uniquely positioned to address the recent Federal Government’s Cannabis Task Force recommendations and needs analysis.  The major crux of the conclusions of these documents recommended that education be a primary factor for corporations, the medical community, and the government to insure a protective environment, once full cannabis legalization occurs in Canada.

ICS has also done extensive research on the cannabis corporate industry and have identified the following immediate needs related to evidenced-based education, not withstanding, ICS’ other value added services which can be provided for your organization:

  • Public outreach and education specific to your branding requirements;
  • Licensing of scientific medical education programs, curricula and practicums;
  • Assistance in scientific research and data analysis;
  • Assist in scientific presentations of data for industry stakeholders as proof of hypotheses and clinical trials;
  • Clinical Trial development, execution, analysis and publishing;
  • Educational curriculums for customer service representatives including queries, objection handling, scientific description, escalation, proper verbiage, etc.;
  • Assistance with expert Medical Direction: ICS employs two medical directors, Canada and US Based. Over 50 years of combined experience in cannabinoids;
  • Distribution model development for cannabis with both CPSO and HIPPA compliance (bricks and mortar)- already developed with Governments;
  • Extraction development and SOPs Standard Operating Procedures;
  • Laboratory conceptualization and set up; leasing or purchasing equipment
  • Energy management strategies- Energy Audits, Solar, Geothermal, Net Metering;
  • International outreach and opportunities through our international partners and networks;
  • Master grower consultations- ICS’ 25 years plus, expertise;
  • Tissue Cultures- licensing strains and tissue preservation (for existing strains);
  • Risk Management: Security and insurance needs;
  • Advisory and Consultancy Board Services;
  • Provision of Speakers: International Cannabinoid Key Opinion Leaders and Experts;
  • E-Learning program development (internal programs/external for public/customer/gov’t use etc.;
  • Expertly prepared medical/scientific studies and peer-reviewed publishing;
  • Internal educational programs for employees: cannabinoid science, legal, company policy, etc.;
  • Educational Symposiums and Conferences in support of your organization;
  • Cannabis in the work place;

The ICS focus is providing business solutions that are custom designed to meet your needs based on a scientific and economic evidence-based comprehensive needs analysis.

At ICS, we strive to build quality long term relationships while setting best practices guidelines for the industry.

We are confident that our prestigious International Board of Directors and overall expertise in the field of healthcare and cannabinoids is unparalleled in the industry, and look forward to hearing from you.